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Hitachi Open MRI

Hitachi permanent Magnet OPEN


A Workshop on Image Quality Assurance has been successfully organized by Arrow Tech on Feb 13, 2016.





Toshiba Multislice CT Scanner

Toshiba 16 slice Aquilion


Siemens Open MRI

Siemens permanent Magnet

Hitachi Aris-II Open MRI


The Hitachi AIRIS II Open MRI scanner has an excellent reputation of being reliable and affordable. It has asymmetrical, panoramic design that comfortably accommodates obese and claustrophobia patients with good clinical applications.

Siemens Magnetom-C 0.35 Tesla Open MRI


The Siemens MAGNETOM C! is .35 Tesla, mid-field MRI scanner bringing together cost-efficiency, an excellent performance, minimal area requirements and low operating costs. It has most powerful gradients in class.


We Deal in Sale & Service of Pre-owned MRI, CT Scanner, Angiography & other Medical Equipment.

Latest News

  • Installation of Siemens Sensation 16-Slice CT Scanner in MULTAN

    Arrow Tech has successfully installed one more Siemens Sensation CT Scanner at Seyal Medical center, Multan. Congratulations to our Engineering Team for outstanding performance.

  • Installation of Siemens Sensation 16-Slice CT Scanner

    After success of our first installation of Sensation, we have installed another Siemens 16-Slice CT scanner at Commercial Market, Rawalpindi.

  • Workshop on Image Quality Assurance of Permanent Magnet MRI

    A workshop on Image Quality Assurance has been successfully organized by Arrow Tech on Feb 13, 2016 at Rawalpindi under the auspices of Arrow Tech Medical Systems Training Wing. A lecture was delivered by Mr. Wasim (BSc. Biomedical) on following Topics:

    -Resolution & Image Quality of Permanent Magnet

    -MRI Artifacts and their Remedies

    -Patient Handling to Improve Image Quality

    -MRCP Protocols

    -Advanced Sequences used in Permanent Magnet

    Certificates were awarded among participants by Dr. Abdul Majid

  • Installation of Siemens Sensation 16-Slice CT Scanner

    Arrow-Tech has successfully installed Siemens Sensation 16-Slice CT scanner at Hearts International Hospital, Rawalpindi. It was strenuous for us to accomplish this project, by virtue of our expert Logistic and Engineering core, we have finished this project.


    Arrow-Tech has successfully installed and commissioned Hitachi Aris-II MRI system in Sao Vacenta city of Cape Verde. It was difficult decision to accept this job in this part of world. Highly difficult place to accomplish such type of project due to highly limited resources. Sao Vacento is small Ireland having size 30×30 K.M in Atlantic ocean.Thanks a lot for our client who extended his hospitality during installation and commissioning of MRI system. We started from site
    planing and ended with image on computer console. 

  • Installation of RF Shielding and G.E Profile-IV MRI in Nigeria:

    Congratulation to Arrow-Tech service team to install and commission G.E profile permanent magnet MRI in Kanu NIGERIA. Mr. Shakeel Haider, our senior colleague, started this project from scratch up to image on monitor. 

  • Installation Commissioning of our 1st HITACHI ARIS-II MRI:

    First Pre-owned Philips Cath lab/Cardiac Angiography H5000C System has been successfully installed and
    commissioned at Maroof International Hospital F-10 Islamabad . Congratulation to Ansar Mehdi and his team for this remarkable success. Now Arrow-Tech Medical Systems can offer highly cost effective cardiac
    cath-lab systems to our valued customers.

  • Installation of Cath-Lab/Angiography system:

    With the grace of All Mighty ALLAH, we have installed and commissioined HITACHI ARIS-II Comfort MRI system at South City Hospital Karachi. Congradulation to Arrow-Tech Service team for successful completion of job with swift pace. Thanks for our client for his cooperation he extended during the execution of all tasks.

  • Recommissioning of SIEMENS Impact MRI system:

    We have recently recommissioned Siemens Impact MRI system at NIRM (National Institution of Rehabilitation and Medicine) Islamabad. The MRI magnet was vacuumed, cooled and ramped up second
    time since its installation. These were indeed very risky and tricky tasks, which were accomplished with utmost professional way. There were lot of bumps to finalize the commissioning, which were avoided with
    swift approach.  Congratulation to M.A Shaheen and his team for this wonderful success. Thanks to ALLAH for his blessings.

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