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We manufacture RF Shielding as per OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications for MRI systems. RF integrity test is carried out with state of art digital spectrum analyzer to make sure the 80 db attenuation. We have exported more than twenty RF Shielding to African and central Asian countries.




  • den 1. Installed and commissioned one Harmoney MRI system in mobile trailer in Alborg Denmark on behalf of EPOKA MEDIC MISSSION DENMARK. This company is our business partner.
  • den 2. Installed one VIVA in Bin Ghazi on behalf of EPOKA MEDIC MISSION DENMARK.
  • den 3. We have completed installation and integrity test of RF Shielding for G.E Super conductor MRI in Sofia BULGARIA. Placing/Rigging of magnet and cold head installation were also supported by ATMS engineer. These jobs were completed on behalf of Epoka Medic Mission, our trust worthy business partner in Denmark.
  • uzbi 4. Installed two Siemens Open MRI system at Shox Medical Centre in Tashkent Uzbakistan.
  • nige 5. G.E Profile-IV MRI system at Prvidean Centre Kano Nigeria.
  • nige 6. G.E Ovation MRI installed/commissioned at national hospital Abuja Nigeria.
  • nige 7. G.E Multislice CT Scanner at Kingscare Hospital Abuja Nigeria.
  • nige 8. G.E Multislice CT Scanner at crystal hospital Abuja Nigeria.
  • uzbi 9. G.E Ovation MRI at Big Pharma Tashkent Uzbakistan.
  • bulg 10. G.E installed by Arrow-Techuper conducting magnet MRI system.